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we have a passion
for building cars.

we are a full custom build shop.

We see cars as our clients see them. We appreciate the history and the sentiment that so many vehicles carry. Understanding what a vehicle can carry also drives our dedication to safety. Upgrades to one part of your vehicle will mean upgrades to other key components to handle that added performance. Our work boasts high performance every time it responds to the driver.

Safety. Performance. Aesthetics.
These 3 things are the major factors from the drawing board. We want a car that performs, takes care of you, and looks like it was made that way...because it was.

We hardly ever find ourselves doing the same thing twice. Most of our clients want something that has never been done before and we thrive on that. We are the shop that you go to when you have an idea. We pride ourselves on our metal fabrication and that's where it all starts. We began our roots building off-road race cars and inherently we design performance into everything as a result.